A culinary adventure that will make you feel great.

Planned by nutritionists,
Prepared by chefs,
Delivered to you.

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We cook. We care. You live.

We make healthy eating a gourmet experience just like having a private chef at the comfort of your home.

How it works


Match with dietitian

They will create a plan calculating all the kcal, carbs, proteins, fats and micro-nutrients you need.


We cook your meals

Our chefs will adapt our weekly menu to your nutritional plan to nourish your body and brighten your days.


We deliver to your door.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will receive your meals at your doorstep. Just heat and eat!

What they say about us

"When I first subscribed to Mama Nature, I just wanted to save time and get gourmet healthy meals.

But what I realised is that the experience that Mama Nature provides is beyond the food. I feel like a food critic. They help me with my nutrition and they help me being more conscious and mindful about the food that I am eating is helping changing the relationship I have with the food I eat and my nutrition habits."

Mateus, Design Executive

"I've been using mama nature for a while now. I've been vegetarian for a while and I want to become vegan, but I am not sure how to start it, how to prepare meals being vegan and this was a nice opportunity for that.

What I was not expecting is that it started to be a pleasure. I got quite curious about what was gonna come next. it was a small pleasure for each day of my routine. I really wanna continue doing it and learning more about my health and my food."

Mariana, Artist

"Mama Nature has inspired me to follow the right diet, to follow the right habits. The food is amazing, it's tasty and healthy, it fulfills. I love that it calculates the nutrients and it's very useful.

I realised that this food makes so much difference to my life, it transformed my body, it's making me more fit. Eating this food inspires me also to workout more."

Ishan, Startup Founder