Eat healthy, the smart way.

Gain control over your time, health and fitness treating yourself with a culinary adventure.

1 month of Mama Nature Life:

  • Match with a dietitian or nutritionist.
  • 1x Dietitian/nutritionist monthly consultation.
  • Nutritional Plan updated monthly based on your achievements.
  • 3x meals per day for a month.
    (84meals/mo. : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Every meal is portioned to match your Nutritional Plan.
  • We deliver three times per week.
    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Cost of £ 30 per day (virtually £ 10 per meal, delivery included)


    Whole foods

    Tailored on you

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    Why do you offer only vegan food?

    We provide a plant-based diet (without harming/exploiting any creature), not only because it's the most sustainable and ethical choice we can make but also because a well-balanced diet can yield significant performance advantages. They provide optimal fuel, increasing blood flow, making muscles more efficient, and speeding recovery by lowering inflammation. The same underlying mechanisms that impact athletic performance (blood flow, inflammation, hormone levels, etc.) also affect health, including sexual function, body composition, cognitive function, and many other areas that play a major role in how we look, feel, and function.

    What if I have an allergy or food intolerance?

    We are happy to swap all the ingredients you are allergic to. However, if you have allergies, the service is used at your own risk. Whilst we do everything we can to ensure an excluded ingredient is not contained within your meal. The meals are made in a facility that handles nuts, soya, sesame and celery so we cannot guarantee that traces of these ingredients will not be present in the meals.

    Where do you source your food from?

    Our Executive Chef works hard to develop close relationships with honest and trustworthy suppliers to source the best quality ingredients for your meals. We source locally grown food wherever possible.

    What food can I expect?

    Our menu changes every week in accordance to your needs, the objectives you've selected, and in accordance with seasonal produce. At Mama Nature we strive for variety and taste, and this translates to selecting only the freshest ingredients. You shouldn't be surprised if the food you eat was picked from the farm the same day you savour it.

    Will I need to prepare my food?

    All meals arrive individually packaged and ready to eat, just as they are. Some meals will be best served hot, in which case you can heat either in a microwave or oven, using the instructions provided on each label.

    How long do meals last?

    The meals will stay fresh for 3 days (if kept refrigerated). If you are planning on eating the meals after 3 days, please freeze them once they’re delivered to ensure freshness.

    How will I know what each meal contains?

    Every meal will arrive labelled with a comprehensive description of the ingredients, as well as list any allergens contained within the meal. You can access your daily meal menu, as well as the previous day's menus from your user profile area under the weekly menu tab. This menu will provide a complete nutritional breakdown for each meal, and the total nutritional breakdown for the whole day.

    Where do you deliver?

    Our delivery area extends all over the M25. Delivery fees are included in the service fee.

    How does delivery work?

    We can deliver to your home or workplace, if your office has 24 hours access.

    You can either provide our delivery team with a key to access a secure location (preferred) or you can tell us where it will be safe to leave your bag (i.e. tucked behind a hedge, behind a wall etc.) overnight.

    What time does delivery take place?

    We carefully and quietly dispatch the whole day's meals right to your door within your preferred time frame, so that your breakfast is waiting for you as soon as you are ready to start your day.

    We have two morning delivery windows for you to choose from to make it as convenient as possible. If you live in central London, our standard delivery time is between 3am and 7am each morning. For those outside central London, within the M25, we will deliver to you between 3am and 8am.

    We also have an option for Premium delivery which is an extra £10 per day. This allows your box to be delivered between 7am and 9am.

    What if I need to pause my delivery, or only require food certain days?

    You are free to pause the service at any time. Please note that we require 2 working days notice if you would like to alter your delivery pattern or pause your deliveries. You can pause deliveries up to a maximum of 30 days. After this, any unused days will expire.

    How do I get started?

    Once payment has been received, we require 3 working days to get you started. This allows time for our dieticians to set up your bespoke plan and get everything in place for delivery.