Mama Nature Story

Mama Nature Life was originally intended to be a personal project, a way to revolutionise my life. (Michele)

A couple of years ago, I was a true workaholic, swallowed by London’s working mania. I used to prioritize my job over my mental and physical health. I was overwhelmed, I was suffering from a burnout and it affected every aspect of my life, including eating and digestive issues, along with chronic fatigue.

But when I hit the rock bottom, I decided to change my life, starting from a new approach to Food.

I understood that a healthy, balanced diet is the fundamental of  well-being, both mental and physical. I educated myself about nutrition and I decided to go plant-based, creating meal plans that would suit all my needs. I immediately started to feel better, my body was recovering, and my mood skyrocketed. At that point my friends noticed my transformation and started asking me for advice to improve their lifestyle.

Not long after, I realized that even if I was providing them with personalized nutritional guidelines, they didn’t have the time to adopt it. So I offered to prepare their meals making all the necessary calculations and planning. In that moment, Mama Nature Life was born. I know that many people share experiences similar to mine, that’s why I create meals that are gourmet, personalized and time saving. But most importantly they are healthy, crafted to nourish your body and your mind.

Mama Nature’s mission is inspired to my personal journey and my goal is to provide meals that are delicious, satisfying, good for you and good for the Planet.

(Hiking Yosemite National Park, California, USA)

We design culinary experiences that help you gain control over your time, health and fitness.

About me

Michele Cipollone


I founded Mama Nature Life in January 2020 with the intent to power London's busy professionals in the smartest way possible. This blends everyday food with: plant-based culinary arts, nutritional science and sustainability.

I've experience working as a chef in Michelin restaurants, I'm passionate about high quality food and I cook since I was 5 years old. I am always more interested in the medicinal effects of food and the impact our diets have on the environment.