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Weekly Menu Sample

Get ready to experience a large variety of mouthwatering delicacies, some of which you've never even heard about.

Each week, our team of chefs design a menu using what is at its peak of seasonality and taste, enabling you to take advantage of local harvests rather than source from thousands of miles away. All our meals can be heated up in minutes following the simple instructions given by our head chef.


The Royal Full English

Scrambled chickpea frittata with our artisan vegan sausages and roasted seasonal mushrooms accompanied by butter beans baked in a savoury tomato sauce, handful of freshly picked cherry tomatoes, seasoned with scallion sifflets, herbs, salt and pepper.

Artichoke & Sun dried Tomatoes Tagliatelle Dream
Creamy tagliatelle with textured soy protein bites marinated in a blend of tomato and tamari soy sauce, sifflets of sun dried tomatoes and seasonal greens, topped off by chiffonade basil leaves.

Vegan Sushi Night
Vegan sushi bites filled with raw vegan ‘rice’, seitan fillets, avocado, seasonal greens and fruits.


Apple-pie Chia pudding

Creamy chia pudding topped off with stewed maple cinnamon apples and a crispy granola mix.

Seasonal Rainbow Terrine

Char-grilled seasonal vegetables layered with a tangy lentil mousse, shaped into a terrine made into colourful slices.

Power Salad

Quinoa with oven roasted cherry tomatoes, wild mushrooms and seasonal greens, creamed together with cashew ricotta, enriched with nutritional yeast, a light drizzle of lemon and seasoned with salt and pepper.


Patatas Bravas meet Poached Vegan "Eggs"

New potatoes deep fried in extra virgin olive oil, covered in a spicy bravas sauce paired with two poached vegan “eggs”.

Buddha reached Nirvana

Roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, crispy chickpeas, red onions on a bed of kale dressed in cashew ricotta and tahini sauce, lightly drizzled with lemon juice.

Sun-drop-garden Parmigiana

Char-grilled and sautéed aubergines, layered with tomato sauce, cashew ricotta thickened with coconut oil, and finally roasted golden in the oven.


Acai energy bowl

Seasonal fruits, chia seeds, skinned pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and oats dipped into a blend of Acai cream and pro-biotic artisan coconut yogurt.

Celeriac rösti with cashew ricotta
Grated celeriac and parsnip mixed together with chickpea and soy flour, seasoned with herbs and spices, topped off by a creamy cashew ricotta and a light drizzle of lemon juice on a bed of seasonal greens.

Russian-French secret love affair

Sweet and sour buckwheat flour blinì crêpes topped off by germinated beluga lentils paired with tofu dressed in lemon-buttered sauce à la française.


Sunrise Fruit Tarte

Made of oats, seeds and nuts, filled and set with thickened pro-biotic coconut yogurt and covered in slices of seasonal fruits.

Vegan Noodle Pad Thai
Rice Noodles with crispy tumeric tofu bites, rainbow vegetables, mushrooms deglazed in soy sauce and creamed in peanut butter topped off with scallion siffelets and chilly flakes.

Chou Farcì

Cabbage cake filled with layers of lentils, barley and seasonal greens.


Creamy Chickpea Omelette

Chickpea flour, tofu and turmeric omelette, filled with fresh cherry tomatoes and seasonal greens, topped off with “cheese”.

Sun dried tomato and Asparagus Quiche
Handmade puff crust filled with silky artisan golden tofu, sautéed seasonal greens, asparagus and fresh sun dried tomatoes.

Italian Lasagna went vegan

Layers of whole-wheat pasta, vegan béchamel sauce and marinated minced textured soy protein, accompanied by a savoury tomato sauce.


Banana Pancakes!

Millet flour banana pancakes with seasonal fruits melted together with agave nectar and all topped off with a sprinkle of cinnamon, cardamom and crushed dark chocolate.

Encapsulated Cabbage Rolls
Sweet and sour lentil dal mixed with barley and wrapped up in cabbage leaves, accompanied with seasonal greens, dressed in lemon-buttered sauce à la française.

Beetroot Risotto Paradise
Arborio rice slow cooked in a succulent vegetable broth, creamed in a beetroot sauce and paired with fresh cashew ricotta, all topped off with roasted and glazed beetroot slices.

Our menus are mindfully designed by nutritionists and crafted by chefs to meet your macro-nutrient needs and provide your body with vitamins and minerals found in whole, organic foods - free of added sweeteners and preservatives. On top of that, our weekly menus can be further personalised according to your needs (allergies, intolerance, taste palette). We deliver all of the food in eco-friendly, reusable boxes. You can either have them collected at the next delivery, or keep them at a small fee.

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